Why Mondays?

A Lazy Monday is different from any other day of the week. It’s slower and sweeter. No waits for restaurants, no lines at stores, and apartment buildings are just quiet enough for a sizable nap.


We love Mondays because as actors, it’s our day off to relax and exist. But a Lazy Monday could really be any day of the week. 

Our Story:

What began as a hobby now turned passion, Lazy Monday Candle Co. was born from a fun day off activity.


Started by two working actors who found themselves spending their day off in the kitchen learning everything about making candles, things got smelly...in a good way.


When the holidays came around it seemed only fitting that these homemade candles would be the perfect gift for family and friends! As fate would have it, a few weeks later the requests for more candles started flying in. Soon after, Lazy Monday Candle Co. was born!


Our name of course is a nod to the actors day off...Monday! But whether it's Monday, Saturday, or whatever your lazy day might be, we are committed to providing all natural, hand-poured, handmade candles for any budget. And let's be real, who doesn't want an incredible candle without breaking the bank. 

Candle People





Co-Founder / Operations


Slow start to the morning with a pancake breakfast, two cups of OJ and some cartoons! Nothing to do and nowhere to be. "Lazy Monday" perfection!

Co-Founder / Candle Maker

A pot of tea, a baggy sweatshirt and an epic nap... doesn't get more "Lazy Monday" than that!

Customer Relations


Sitting on that sofa with my humans chewing on a fresh bone and listening to some sweet jams on the Spotify! "Lazy Monday" engaged!